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Virtualize Your Network

Network Virtualization

Use a Virtual Private Network

With a single, software based administrative virtual network, your businesses network will be easy to manage. Custom Computer will come in and analyze your business to see what it would take to virtualize your network. We use VMware which is the leader in virtualization solutions and will help to make it as easy as possible to manage your virtual private network.

Feel free to contact us to see how we can help you.

Physical to Virtual

Once we analyze your business we can determine the most efficient way to P to V (physical to virtual) all of your physical hardware. We are able to do it incrementally in order to decrease downtime or we can do it all at once. The amount of time that it takes to virtualize your business is dependent on how much data you have. To virtualize your hardware we have to move all of your data to the new virtual version of your business.

We are willing to setup your virtual business network after business hours so we dont disrupt your business interactions. CustomComputer has preformed multiple virtualizations with a number of satisfied customers. Let us analyze your business and figure what it will take to get it virtualized.

Contact us with any issues that may arise with your network

Our experienced team of network engineers will help you with any issues you are having in your virtual network. We are able to do onsite and remote services to fix any of your virtual network issues.


Virtualize Now

Call us at (717)-733-2231 for more information about virtualization.

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